Rise of the Gods in Greek mythology

At the beginning of everything there was only chaos. There were already the elements of what would form the universe. But they were completely mixed in a massive absence of meaning this original chaotic period lasted for many ages. Gaia the mother earth emerged from t… Read more

The conquest of Constantinople

The fall of Constantinople, (May 29, 1453), the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mohammed II of the Ottoman Empire. The declining Byzantine Empire ended 55 days after the siege of the city when the Ottomans invaded the ancient geography of Constantinople. Using art… Read more

How did the Oracle of Delphi work

Throughout the ancient world oracles and diviners practiced their arts, giving insights to the future that both commoners and nobles wanted to know about. Some of these clairvoyants achieved great fame, others were not even recorded in history and a few became legen… Read more

Vietnam war, withdrawal of U.S & fall of South Vietnam

Negotiation with Vietnam  As Vietnamization and withdrawal of troops progressed in Vietnam, negotiations stalled in Paris. Kissinger secretly held separate talks with high-level Vietnamese diplomats, but the two sides distanced themselves. The Americans proposed the mu… Read more

Vietnam War, how USA entired in the war

What is gulf of Tonkin attack Although Kennedy had at least the comforting illusion of progress in Vietnam (created by Harkins and Dime), Johnson faced a clear picture of the rapidly growing Viet Kong chaos, inequality and turmoil in Saigon and the countryside.  Those… Read more