Skanderbeg the Albanian dragon

During the early 14th century, much of modern-day Albania was governed by the Serbian king Stefan Dusan. When he passed away in 1355, local chieftains and lords became the dominant factors managing their estates. Albania fragmented. Another external force contributed… Read more

Algeria resistance to French Invasion

In the year 1830 the french invaded algeria algiers was captured after a three-week campaign in which the french troops raped looted desecrated mosques and destroyed cemeteries the weak and decentralized ottoman rule in algeria was no match for the french invaders … Read more

Vladimir Lenin Biography (1870–1924)

Vladimir Lenin Biography (1870–1924) Vladimir Lenin was founder of the Russian Communist Party, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and architect and first head of the Soviet state. Synopsis Vladimir Lenin founded the Russian Communist Party , led the Bolshevik Rev… Read more

The Battle of Levounion 1091 AD

It’s late April of the year 1091. Somewhere in southern Thrace, Emperor Alexios Komnenos rides in the vanguard of his recently assembled army, marching to challenge his enemy.  A small group of riders loom in the distance, racing towards them. Alexios, squinting his … Read more

Who is Darius the Great

Bartia was the king of persia brother of cambises and son of Cyrus. In 522 bce he was the most powerful man on the planet but within a few months he was gone in his place stood a man named Darius. Here there are two historical narratives there's one narrative offic… Read more

Eos: The Goddess of Dawn

In many mythologies throughout the ages, the coming of dawn has always held some significance. Dawn represented not just the beginning of a new day, but also the symbolic victory of good over evil, or light over dark. In more superstitious times, the darkness - or th… Read more

Battle of Zela

In the midst of his civil war ( October of 48BC) Julius Caesar found himself seriously entangled in the court intrigues of the Egyptian monarchy. In addition to the complicated political situation that he was facing in Egypt he also had to deal with a local uprising th… Read more