it's kaushal from history Marche today we will be going to the 15th century rome and will be delving into the affairs of the rich and powerful members of the church and it's perverse to say the least in particular i will highlight and tell you the story of the pope's son chesure borgia first let's have a look at his early life 

Early Life

cesare was born in either 1475 or 1476 in subaiko which is a town in the metropolitan city of rome he was the illegitimate son of cardinal borgia who was commonly known as rodrigo borgia who later became pope alexander vi and his italian mistress vanossa the borgia family originally came from the kingdom of valencia and would rise to prominence during the 15th century cesare would grow up wealthy having everything a young man at the time would want a fine education access to horses swords and other luxury items he would study law at the studium urbis university in rome due to his father's high rank in the church he became the bishop of pamplona at the age of 15 and then the archbishop of valencia at age 17. when his father rodrigo borgia ascended to become the pope cesare was made a cardinal at the age of just 18. does this act mean that there was institutionalized corruption within the catholic church shouldn't the rank of cardinal be appointed to the most pious and deserving of men nevertheless cesare was made a cardinal at such a tender age he had power and power corrupts you see cesare was a cardinal but he was the opposite of a godly man he was described as daring determined handsome power hungry and completely ruthless he would do anything and crush anyone who stood in the way of him accomplishing what he wanted murder bribery and fornication came naturally to cesare his associates were also not godly men to say the least

Brother Vs brother

 it is said when his brother giovanni was made into the captain general of the army of the papacy that cesare was furious and jealous of his brother cesare would have much rather been a man of action as was his nature instead of a man of the cloth in 1497 cesare's brother giovanni was assassinated under mysterious circumstances rumor would spread that cesare killed his brother and this would give him the chance to finally become a military man and stop going against his own nature by working as a cardinal in addition to this both cesare and giovanni were having an intimate relationship with the younger brother's wife sancha of aragon so this murder could not only have solved the resentment over the fact that they were sharing their brother joffrey's wife but it also paved the way for his military career there is no concrete proof however that cesare did indeed kill his brother giovanni 

Reign of Cesare Borgia

In 17th of august 1498 cesare became the first person in history to resign from his post as a cardinal which he did in order to go after his career in the military on the same day as his resignation king louis xii of france named him duke or valentinois a title of nobility he would then travel to france to marry charlotte albert the sister of the king of navarre cesare already had powerful connections with his father being the pope but now he was favored by the king of france and the king of navarre in addition he had many cutthroats and other people sinister in nature at the ready cesare and his father pope alexander would now try to re-establish control of the papal states and bring back the glory days where the catholic church was all-powerful and had complete influence over the countries and monarchs of europe in addition they wanted to carve out a cemented borgia state in northern italy for cesare. Cesare was then appointed the commander of the papal armies with a huge number of italian mercenaries 300 cavalry and 4 000 swiss infantry members he would soon be sent by his father pope alexander to capture the cities of imola and fordly who were ruled by katerina swarza an italian noble woman cesare made quick work of invading the two cities and keeping them under his occupation he would then return to rome triumphant the pope and his son cesare made a very good team pope alexander played his part as a sort of politician planning and weighing up the outcomes between the actions that he thought should be taken and his son cesare was the man of action that made it all happen

assassinations of Cesare Borgia

cesare wasn't only a former cardinal a general and a soldier though he was also an assassin who didn't mind getting his hands dirty a number of political assassinations have been attributed to him but one abhorrent crime of his was the murder of his brother-in-law alfonso the second husband of his sister lucrezia alfonso was at the top of the steps of saint peter's basilica when he was attacked by hired killers and was stabbed in the head right arm and leg however when he was about to be finished off alfonso's guards managed to fight off the cutthroats and alfonso would live to fight another day yet as he was recovering from his wounds in a chamber of the borgia tower micheletto corella cesare's best friend and personal assassin entered his room with a group of armed men and strangled him until he stopped breathing this assassination still remains a mystery even though it seems to have been carried out by cesare's men at the time i am sure the culprits were known to everyone but they were in positions of power and were untouchable due to their status and wealth 

rumors about Cesare Borgia

it is rumored that cesare also had an incestuous relationship with his sister lucrezia and this may have been a motive for the murder it is said that cesare had bursts of demonic activity he would stay up all night receiving and dispatching messengers for unknown and mysterious tasks he would also sometimes do the complete opposite and had moments of unaccountable sloth where he would remain in bed for days refusing to see anyone he is said to have been quick to take offense and slow to forgive.

His father's death

 In june 1502 cesare would set out on another military campaign he captured the walled city of urbino and the town of camerino he next planned to conquer bologna but his own commanders fearing his cruelty and growing power set up a plot against him many of cesare's troops would abandon him and he would be forced to fight defensively instead of his usual aggressive style against his enemies however with the use of the papal funds he was able to rebuild his army while dealing with the traitorous commanders cesare would arrange a reconciliation with his former commanders and troops only to then arrest them and execute them the supremacy of the borges however would soon come to an end in the midst of cesare planning his conquest of tuscany he would receive news that his father pope alexander had died at the time of him receiving this news it is said that he contracted malaria and was gravely ill but managed to recover after the death of his father the borgia family's deadly enemy giuliano de la rovare became the pope and tricked cesare into supporting him by giving him large amounts of money and the promise of a continued papal backing of the border policies however as soon as he was elected as pope he would go back on his word and cesare would fall into disgrace no longer knowing his place in this seemingly new world.

Last time of Cesare Borgia

In the end cesare was imprisoned in the castle of la mata a medieval fortress in the province of spain after he was betrayed by one of his close friends while he was in prison his lands were retaken by the new pope no doubt the pope bribed his friend gonzalo fernandez de cordoba with some sort of reward however cesare managed to escape his imprisonment still being the resourceful man of action that he was he made his way to pamplona the capital of navarre in spain and was welcomed to court by king john iii of navarre king john would make cesare a commander of his army and he would go on one more expedition cesare captured vienna a town in navarre but he couldn't take the castle by force so he set up a siege he had the castle surrounded but in the early hours of the morning on the 11th of march 1507 an enemy party of knights fled the castle during a heavy storm cesare was outraged at the cowardice and being the brazen hot-headed man he was he gave chase after riding hard on his horse he found himself alone with none of his men beside him the party of knights seeing that he was alone trapped and surrounded him they then put him to the sword and stole all of his clothes leaving him naked as a sign of disrespect they even famously took his mask that covered half of his face as it was disfigured due to syphilis cesare borja was left to die in the storm naked and disgraced 

After math

the life of cesare is one of sin he became a cardinal young and one would think that it would have encouraged him to become a godly man but the vatican and the catholic church were full of schemers killers and of course sinners cesare was feared and hated by the common people for his blatant disregard of his religion while being in a high up position in the church and being the son of the pope himself to the people he killed his brother ordered the killing of his brother-in-law had an incestuous relationship with his sister slept with the wife of his younger brother and was involved in other depraved activities that we will never know the true extent of he was guilty of the seven deadly sins pride greed lust envy gluttony wrath and sloth now that we have an overview of the life of cesare do you think that he killed his younger brother out of envy of his position as a commander and why do you think there was so much darkness surrounding the catholic church and those closest to the pope let me know what you think in the comment box down below and See you soon