The pantheon of the norse gods is formed by deities of many origins odin is an acer god. Loki has the blood of giants running through his veins, while freya and freyja are veneer gods. The fight between giants and the gods of asgard dwell but the great fight between the gods of acer and veneer took place a long time ago. Time when odin the one-eyed god reigned on his throne in Asgard. The realm of the Aesir gods. His court had other deities which further increased to the prestige of odin's kingdom. 

But another kingdom was also extremely prestigious among men, vanaheim the land of the veneer gods. These competed with the asgardians for the worship of mortals both kingdoms co-existed but always with tension between them the gods of asgard descended from veli they and odin who in the early days defeated the giant ymir . The origin of the veneer was unknown besides odin, thor and loki were the most prominent deities in asgard in vanaheim the highlights were frey freya and njord. The Asgardians were deities connected with power and war . The veneer were gods of fertility there was gouveg a strong sorceress known for her greed and love of gold . 

The gods of Asgard found her unbearable and tried three times to burn the witch but she always returned . But the sorceress was an ally of the veneer gods who were outraged by the way the Asgardians treated their protege. The precarious peace between veneer and aesir ended and the first great war between gods. Odin threw his powerful spear at the Veneer it was a sign that this would not be a simple disagreement but a battle that could decide the fate of the world no other war would be as important until ragnarok. The veneer gods would eventually march against asgard bringing down part of the mighty wall erected by the giant builder . The conflict between the gods made the world tremble both sides showed their worth fighting with great courage . Neither side was able to overthrow the other and the devastation of the war worried both sides. The war could last for millennia and if one side were to win it would rain only on ashes for nothing would be left after such a massive conflict . 

Therefore the authorities on both sides decided to seal the peace between the two peoples to ensure goodwill an exchange of hostages took place . The Asgardian gods mimir and honir would move to vanaheim while frey freyja and njord would move to asgard. The two gods who came to live in vanaheim were described as great sages. But in fact only Mirmir was endowed with wisdom honir pretended to be wise but only repeated . What mimir whispered in his ear the veneer noticed that when honir was consulted about some issue and mimir was not around he would always reply let the others decide realizing . 

That they had been deceived and that mimir was complicit in that plan the veneer gods cut off their heads and returned them to Odin. The father of all did not want to lose mimir's wisdom and used his powers to resurrect the head murmir was revived and odin began to consult the sage's head When he needed his precious advice. A new peace agreement was sealed between veneer and Aesir and the two peoples began to live in harmony. The veneer gods were placed on the norse pantheon alongside the Aesir . Thus gods such as frey and freyja came to be admired as other great Aesir gods.