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Jan Zika and the Hussites war

When in July 1419, Czech Hussites threw Catholic members of the Prague city council out of the window of a town hall, very few expected 17 years of bloody religious war would follow. These so-called Hussite wars brought forth several Czech national heroes. Among them… Read more

Who is gustavus adolphus

Ruling over his country between 1611 and 1632 Gustavus Adolphus is credited as having brought sweden from insignificance to the status of a great european power history remembers him as one of the greatest military commanders of the last 500 years Gustavus  Adolphus … Read more

What is Caesar's Civil War: Who Was In Charge?

Introduction Caesar's Civil War was one of the last politico-military struggles in the Roman Republic before the foundation of the Roman Empire. Who was Caesar? Caesar, Publius Cornelius Scipio Nasica was born in 58 BC in the Roman province of Etruria. He was th… Read more