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Vietnam war, withdrawal of U.S & fall of South Vietnam

Negotiation with Vietnam  As Vietnamization and withdrawal of troops progressed in Vietnam, negotiations stalled in Paris. Kissinger secretly held separate talks with high-level Vietnamese diplomats, but the two sides distanced themselves. The Americans proposed the mu… Read more

Vietnam War, how USA entired in the war

What is gulf of Tonkin attack Although Kennedy had at least the comforting illusion of progress in Vietnam (created by Harkins and Dime), Johnson faced a clear picture of the rapidly growing Viet Kong chaos, inequality and turmoil in Saigon and the countryside.  Those… Read more

Vietnam war & The Diem Reign and the Viet Cong

Dime victory Washington DC capital, leaders were shocked and delighted. U.S. military and financial assistance will continue in South Vietnam, while U.S. military and police advisers have assisted in training and equipping the Dime Army and security forces. However, … Read more

Vietnam war & the end of french rule

Vietnam War, (1954–75), an extended clash that hollowed the socialist legislature of North Vietnam and its partners in South Vietnam, known as the Viet Cong, against the public authority of South Vietnam and its chief partner, the United States.  Called the "Ame… Read more

Algeria resistance to French Invasion

In the year 1830 the french invaded algeria algiers was captured after a three-week campaign in which the french troops raped looted desecrated mosques and destroyed cemeteries the weak and decentralized ottoman rule in algeria was no match for the french invaders … Read more

Vladimir Lenin Biography (1870–1924)

Vladimir Lenin Biography (1870–1924) Vladimir Lenin was founder of the Russian Communist Party, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and architect and first head of the Soviet state. Synopsis Vladimir Lenin founded the Russian Communist Party , led the Bolshevik Rev… Read more

Who is gustavus adolphus

Ruling over his country between 1611 and 1632 Gustavus Adolphus is credited as having brought sweden from insignificance to the status of a great european power history remembers him as one of the greatest military commanders of the last 500 years Gustavus  Adolphus … Read more