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Rise of the Gods in Greek mythology

At the beginning of everything there was only chaos. There were already the elements of what would form the universe. But they were completely mixed in a massive absence of meaning this original chaotic period lasted for many ages. Gaia the mother earth emerged from t… Read more

How did the Oracle of Delphi work

Throughout the ancient world oracles and diviners practiced their arts, giving insights to the future that both commoners and nobles wanted to know about. Some of these clairvoyants achieved great fame, others were not even recorded in history and a few became legen… Read more

Eos: The Goddess of Dawn

In many mythologies throughout the ages, the coming of dawn has always held some significance. Dawn represented not just the beginning of a new day, but also the symbolic victory of good over evil, or light over dark. In more superstitious times, the darkness - or th… Read more